Campsite Information

To ensure that everyone has an amazing weekend & to keep everyone safe, we ask that you follow the following Campsite Rules:

*Please do not disturb other campers with noise.

*Music/TV’s/electronic games etc should be kept to a minimum to avoid the need to raise voices.

*Campers are reminded that they are responsible for their property and use the campsite at their own risk. Please make sure to secure your tent/caravan/motorhome when leaving to enter the festival field.

If you smoke, you must not leave cigarette ends on the ground.

*Do not attempt to enter any locked/closed gates or jump fences to gain entry into the festival fields. Please use the correct entrances.

*We operate a leave no trace policy, please dispose of any rubbish from your pitch into one of the onsite skips, the camping fields are used by animals, rubbish left behind can be harmful to them.

*Food & Drink from the campsite is not permitted in the festival fields, there will be bag checks at the camper’s entrance, we operate a no glass on site rule to avoid harm to anyone if smashed. Items seized will be confiscated and disposed of.

*Adhere to the 5mph speed limit when driving around the campsite. Be aware of children playing.

*Do not use charcoal or wood barbecues, open fires or start campfires. Open fires of any type are not allowed on our campsites.

*Do not attempt to leave the campsite on Friday 19th July as this will not be possible.

*Please bring enough supplies for the weekend with you – Breakfast is available onsite from 6am each Morning – this is located near the Main Campers Entrance.

*Please consider appropriate footwear throughout your weekend, including setting up at the campsite. We advise that you do not wear flip flops or sliders due to uneven ground within the festival fields.

*Bring a torch to use when walking back to your pitch in the dark to avoid guidelines when walking.

*Please respect your neighbours’ peace and privacy and ensure that they are not inconvenienced by your children, dogs, noise or by taking “short cuts” across their pitch.

*Keep dogs on leads at all times. Owners must clean up any “accidents” on the festival grounds. Dogs must not be left unattended on the festival grounds.

Here are some handy hints & information so you can make the most of your Festival Experience!

Be sure to arrive as early as possible (Fram 8am) on the Friday so you can get set up and ready for when the festival opens at 2pm!

In addition to your usual camping equipment we recommend that you bring:

1. A portable phone charger.

2. Suncream / lip protection salve.

3. A Tent flag so you can easily spot your tent from afar.

4. A Reusable water bottle.

5. A waterproof for the unpredictable Yorkshire weather & it can be very windy on-site.

6. Fancy Dress – it is a festival!

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