Green Plan

We do not permit any of our exhibitors, partners or bars to use any single use plastic items, including cutlery, plates, glasses and cups.


We are also asking our guests not to bring any single use items with them into the the campsite and our Security Gate Teams will be checking bags and talking to guests on our entrance gates to help us manage this. We recommend that guests bring reusable water bottles and fill these at the drinking water taps located in the camping and main event fields.

The sale of drinks in plastic bottles is not permitted. Water and soft drinks will be available to purchase at the festival in cans and cartons.

We are undertaking the following actions to reduce waste in 2024:


We are looking to introduce a reusable cup scheme for 2025 onwards, which will significantly reduce the amount of cup / glass waste at the event.


We will be working with our local food banks to collect any left over food from our exhibitors.


Wristbands will be sent out to our guests in advance of the festival reducing the litter from the sticky tabs which are incredibly difficult for use to litter pick.


We are advising all of our exhibitors to use reuse their cardboard boxes rather than placing them in our onsite skips.

We implement a ‘leave no trace’ policy as we host our festival on a working farm. We provide bins throughout the festival which are emptied regularly by our friendly waste team. Within the camping fields we provide large skips for you to dispose of any of your waste.


Please use the bins provided and report any discarded rubbish on the floor to our festival team.

Our dedicated electricians make sure all generators that do not need to be used overnight are switched off to reduce emissions from our festival. We are always looking for a greener way to provide electricity at our festival, to reduce fuel used and be more environmentally friendly.

Staying Safe

All our Exhibitor’s make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause the most common allergic reactions, however, there is always a risk of cross contamination and those with allergies should be aware of this. Please check with an Exhibitor and they will be able to advise.

No, any persons under the age of 17 are not permitted to enter or leave the festival/campsite without an adult. If a child attempts to enter or leave the festival/campsite alone may be deemed lost and taken to our lost child area. We ask that children are supervised within the festival and campsite by an adult at all times.


Only adults are issued wristbands, so no person without a wristband will be permitted into or out of the camping field without an adult

Children can become separated within a crowd of people, if this does happen please tell your children to speak to one of the festival team in a Hi Vis jacket or head to the red information hubs if they become lost, providing your child with a contact number for yourself will help the team locate you quickly and calmly. You can write a telephone number in their clothing, on a wristband or on paper for them to put in their pocket, for example. You may be offered a plain wristband on the Camping Entrance Gates for such purposes.


It is always a good idea to tell a child to go to a place you have agreed with them to meet if they do become separated from you, this could be a fun fair ride such as the high flyer, the information hub, the camping entrance or the entrance to the big top.

No, please keep dogs on a lead at all times within the festival and camping grounds. Dogs should also wear a collar with a contact number attached for you incase they do become separated, this way we can call you to let you know where they are.


As our festival is located on a working farm we also ask that you do not let your dogs off their leads in other fields around the festival/camping areas as there will be live stock in these fields.


Our Festival Home is a grassy field, so may therefore be challenging for wheelchair users, due to the nature of the venue. We do have dedicated Disabled Parking (for Blue Badge Holders) which is located nearer to the entrances, our Traffic Management Team will direct you. Please note there is a limited number of disabled parking, once these are full we cannot provide any more disabled spaces and you may need to walk further to the festival.


Please notify us if you intend to purchase a Celebrity Chef Ticket as we will need to allocate a Disabled (Wheelchair) Space. Please note these are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


There are dedicated Disabled Toilets which are shown on the festival layout map inside the Event Guide, which you will receive on arrival.


If you have any questions or need any help during the Festival please speak to one of our Team.

Yes, the 2pm Celebrity chef session has a BSL Interpreter on each day.

To ensure that the festival is available to all we offer disabled adult ticket holders, subject to availability, a free ticket for a Carer.


We will only offer a Carers ticket to an individual who is in receipt of UK Gov DLA Support at the Higher Level including the ‘care’ component or an individual who receives the UK Gov PIP Support and another form of ID. Carers will need to send proof that they are in receipt of a Carers Allowance for the individual who wishes to attend the event.


The Organiser will ask for evidence to be presented to the Ticket Booking Team. Every application is assessed on an individual basis and if anyone is found to be making a fraudulent application, we reserve the right to cancel both the original ticket and the carer ticket, before and during the event.

To apply for a carer ticket please email us at tickets@yorkshiredalesfoodanddrinkfestival.com with proof of PIP or DLA as well as another form of ID and a contact number. Once these are received, a member of our team will contact you. 


These must be received by the 30th May 2024 to allow us to process them. NO CARER TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THIS DATE OR EARLIER IF WE SELL OUT.

We do not offer Carer Tickets for children under 18 under any circumstances, as they are not permitted to enter the event without an adult, hence they do not qualify for a carer ticket.

Please note that Celebrity Chef Tickets and any Camping / Caravan / Motorhome Tickets are not part of this offer. To be accompanied for a Celebrity Chef session the Carer will also require a ticket.

This offer only applies to Ticket purchased at full price.

Music Line Up

Our music line-up can be found  here.

Yes, we love promoting local artists at the festival! These are yet to be announced. 

That’s great news! we love seeing new talent, please email info@yorkshiredalesfoodanddrinkfestival.com with some examples of your music and the team will get back to you with any time slots that are available.

Workshops and Masterclasses are yet to be announced. 


For everyone who has purchased tickets with us, will receive an email announcing his year’s workshops.

We do have a selection of workshops that are free for children and adults, please make sure to read the description carefully as there may be age restrictions on these. We try our best to provide as many free workshops as we can, these tend to sell out quickly so make sure you keep up to date with our communications to avoid disappointment.

Campsite Questions

To stay on site you need to purchase either standard weekend or Celebrity weekend tickets and a camping/ VW Van , motorhome/ campervan or caravan pitch.


 This year we will only permit one booking order per vehicle. People attending in groups will need to purchase their tickets separately.

You will be sent a rearview mirror hanger with your tickets in the post, this will show your Gate Letter. Please hang this on your mirror so our traffic management team can check this at the gate.


What gate should I go to?

Staying on Site:

Gold, Glamping,  Main Car Park – Gate A

Silver- Gate D

Bronze- Gate E


Day Tickets:

Entrance- Gate A and Main Car Park


Taxi Drop Off:

Morning – Gate A 

After 7:30pm- Gate C 

If you have the same pitch, then this may be possible.  We recommend that you arrive together however, you do so at your own risk as space is allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Those camping with electric hook up can only be allocated spaces together if they arrive at the same time.


Electric and non-electric pitches are not located next to each other.



No, you must be onsite by 8.00pm on Friday.

Yes, however you must arrive on Friday and can only leave the site between 8am and 9pm on Saturday or Sunday.


You cannot arrive on Saturday.

Small domestic Gas BBQs (less than 2.2Kg Bottles) and camping stoves are permitted. We ask that you operate these in a safe manner and know when / if you are under the influence of alcohol.

No, campfires are strictly forbidden –  we do not permit the use of open fires/fire pits/charcoal BBQ’s of any kind.


This is a working farm and the fire damages the grass, plus is a major fire risk.


You will be asked to put any fires out and maybe asked to leave site.

Yes, our Watering Hole area near the Main Stage is open from 2pm until 10:45pm on Friday where there will be a huge choice of food and drink available.

There is no vehicle movement on Friday due to the number of guests setting up camp, please bring everything you need with you that you may need for the Friday evening as the camping gates will not open until 8am Saturday morning.

No, only 1 car per camping or caravan pitch ticket is permitted into the campsite.

No additional cars can be brought in 2024. If you need a second car you will need to purchase an additional weekend ticket.


Please note that the additional car will need to go into the Main Car Park.

Motorhome pitches are 8m x 9m.  The maximum length permitted on site is 9m. Vehicles larger than this will be turned away from the campsite. Please note the pitch is for a motorhome only and awning if you are planning to use one. No tents are permitted on the pitch nor are additional cars allowed.

Caravan pitches are 9m x 9m. The maximum length permitted at the festival is 7m including the tow bar. Vehicles over this length will not be permitted. Please note the pitch is for a caravan and one car only, plus an awning if you are planning to use one. No tents are permitted on the pitch nor are additional cars allowed.

Gold Camping pitches are 8m x 8m. Please note the pitch is for a tent and one car only.

Yes. One vehicle is permitted per camping and caravan pitch only.

Yes, an awning space is included within the ticket.

The festival is open from 2pm on Friday until 10:45pm in our Watering Hole Area, and certain areas of our Main Event Field. The Main Stage live music starts at 2pm and runs until 10:45pm.

On Saturday and Sunday the opening hours are 9am to 10:45pm.

You can only gain access off site from 8am until 9pm on Saturday and Sunday, and from 8am on Monday.


The gates are locked each evening and manned by the Security or Traffic Management teams 24 hours a day.

Gold Camping – Posh toilets and showers with sinks.

Silver Camping – Caravans and Motorhomes – Porta-loo toilets and showers.

Bronze Camping – Porta-loos only.

Please note our festival home is a working farm and not a commercial campsite. Our posh toilets are chemical based rather than fresh water flushing. We pipe water to our shower units and use water tanks to ensure a smooth supply. We also have a limited number of showers based on the water feed available. If people leave taps on they will run the tanks out not only wasting water but draining the tanks. We therefore ask that you use the water sparingly ensuring that you turn off the taps when you have finished.

No, There are no ‘hook-up’ water points available on any of our sites.

Drinking water stand pipes fitted with taps are located near to the toilets in each area. These are also marked on our campsite map.

Yes, there are a small number of washing up sinks in our Gold, Silver and Bronze Camping fields.   These sinks only have a cold water tap and for washing up only.There are no sinks in the caravan or motorhome areas.


Please note our festival home is a working farm and not a commercial campsite with a limited water infrastructure if people leave taps on they will run the water tanks out not only wasting water but draining the tanks causing problems with our showers. We therefore ask that you use the water sparingly ensuring that you turn off the taps when you have finished.

Yes, we have Elsan points in our caravan and motorhome areas. These should only be used for toilet waste and not waste or grey water.

Yes, we have dedicated waste water disposal tanks for caravan and motorhome waste / grey water. These are marked on the campsite map.

With the exception of Gold Camping with EHU, no. Tent pitches are not marked out as we are a festival not a commercial campsite. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You can pick your own arrival time when purchasing your ticket if you would like to arrive earlier.


We ask you to be considerate when pitching your tent – if you take up more than a reasonable amount of space for your group, you will be asked to re-pitch.

Yes, Breakfast on site located at the entrance to the bronze camping field and next to the big top theatre kitchen in the silver campsite.

Please see our campsite map for exact location on our website. 

If you are camping, you are allowed to bring in your own food and drink including alcohol (to be consumed in the Campsite only).

Food and Drink including alcohol cannot be brought into the main event fields. Bags and camping chairs are checked by the security teams on all entrances into the festival field and any items found will be confiscated and not returned. There are lots of food traders and fully licensed bars available for you in the Festival.

Do not bring glass of any kind with you to the festival including the camping fields. Broken glass is dangerous for children and for the animals that will be using the fields after the Festival.

No. Tents are not permitted in the Motorhome or Caravan areas with no exceptions. Our security team will ask you to remove any tents and you may also be asked to leave the event.


We have designated areas for Tents/Campervans/Trailer tents and Motorhomes and Caravans.

Yes, we have allowed for one gazebo or awning per pitch in our ticket this year. The gazebo and tent/motorhome/caravan/campervan need to fit within the allocated pitch size.

Gazebos are not permitted in the main festival fields.

We do not have any designated disabled pitches.


Silver Camping / Motorhomes and Caravans are closest to the Main Festival Fields Entrance.


Our event home is a working farm and not a commercial campsite.


The ground is undulated, hilly and the grass may be fairly long in our camping / car park areas for safety reasons

No, Generators of any kind are not permitted at the festival and any that are being used will be removed by the security team. We offer limited electric hook up pitches in the Gold Camping area and for Caravans and Motorhomes.

No. Those staying onsite will be issued with a wristband for the camping area that they have booked. Anyone without a wrist band will not be permitted access to the site by our security teams.


Wristbands must be worn at all times and there is a £5 replacement fee should you need one replacing. Please visit the Information Hub in the Watering Hole to purchase a new wristband.

Yes, VW campervans, tents and trailer tents can be pitched up together as long as they are in the same camping area, For example Bronze, Silver and Gold.

No. To prevent children becoming lost our Security Teams will not permit children under the age of 17 into or out of the Main Event fields without an adult.

No, our areas have been categorised as Bronze, Silver or Gold. The Bronze camping is the furthest distance from the Main Event Field (10-20 minute walk) but is still accessible for families.

Yes, dogs can stay onsite with you. We simply ask that you keep them under control and on a lead. You must also select a free dog ticket as part of your order.

Where to stay?

Yes we have camping, campervan, motorhome & caravanning options available, please see our Stay With Us page for more information.

We have a limited number of pitches available with EHU which can be found on our website. Please note these sell out fast. 

Yes, we have glamping available. Please note you need to purchase weekend entry tickets and a glamping pitch through our website, then book your glamping pod through our 3rd party provider Summer Belles.

For more information please visit our  Glamping page for more information.

There are lots of hotels around the festival in Carleton & within Skipton. If you are unsure of where to book and the distance to the festival please check out our cottage and hotels page on our website.

Getting here

Our Festival Home is the beautiful Funkirk Farm, located just outside of Skipton. There will be lots of signs from the A59 and our lovely Traffic Management Team will guide you into the site. The post code for Sat Nav BD23 3AB – BUT DOT NOT FOLLOW THIS – PLEASE FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SIGNS.



We recommend that you plan your journey in advance and ensure you allow sufficient time to get to the venue, especially for those with Celebrity Show Tickets and booked events such as workshops & masterclasses, as session times cannot be swapped.


Arrive by Train


Skipton has an excellent train service with regular trains from Leeds, Bradford and Carlisle.


There is a taxi rank outside of the train station who will be happy to drop you off at the festival in our new designated taxi area. WE ADVISE THAT YOU BOOK TAXI’S IN ADVANCE AS IT CAN BE VERY BUSY!


Arrive by Bus


No, there is no busses that run to the festival over the weekend and we do not provide a bus service.

We have plenty of Car Parking at the venue, which is signposted from the A59 in both directions. There is a charge per vehicle per day and is to be purchased when you purchase your tickets. The car park is accessed via a hard standing road.

If you are staying with us over the weekend, you will have one vehicle included in your  camping , glamping or caravan pitch space. Any additional cars will need to be parked in our main car park.

Family facilities

Yes, there are baby changing units inside the Disabled Toilets.

We have so much fun for the little ones over the weekend head to our Kids Festival Fun to see what’s in store for 2024 

We’re a family friendly festival creating experiences for everyone. Head to our Family Page and see what’s in store for 2024 


Things we get asked the most

Tickets can only be purchased prior to the event via our website. 


Refunds are not available (as per our Terms & Conditions), nor do we permit the re-selling of tickets to prevent fraud.


Any person found to be trying to sell Tickets to the event on our Facebook or Instagram Social Media Pages will be warned once via Messenger and if they repeat the behaviour their Tickets may be cancelled and no refunds issued.


Photographic identification is required to gain entry to the event with a Ticket and the name of the lead booker must match the photographic identification. Only Passports, Driving Licenses or other nationally recognised identification will be accepted. The holder of a resold Ticket will be refused entry.



Purchases up to the 1st July will be sent via post and the last delivery date is by the 8th July.


Orders placed after the 1st July will be sent via email. These tickets need to be printed off and shown at the entrance gates when requested.


Wristbands, Lanyards, Car Parking Passes and Paper based tickets and event information will be posted to the Buyer Address no later than 8th July.


Please ensure that you have all your tickets, passes, wristbands ready upon arrival to the festival and car hooks clearly displayed.


All workshops & masterclasses will be sent via email.


If you haven’t received your tickets in the post by the 8th July please contact our ticket provider on 03332427910




If you do not receive an email with your workshop and  masterclass tickets following your purchase please check your SPAM mailbox as some service providers send unknown emails automatically to this folder. If you still can’t find them please go onto the buy ticket part of our website here http://bit.ly/YDFTickets and select ‘More Information’ on the top right side of the screen and select ‘Resend Me My Tickets’.

Children aged 7 or under are free to enter the Festival with an Adult who has purchased a Standard Entrance Ticket. Children aged 8 – 16 will require a paid ticket. For Health and Safety reasons we require a ratio of one adult to four (4) children 7 years old or under. Children seven (7) or under may attend the Celebrity Chef Sessions if they can sit quietly on an Adults Lap and not disturb other attendees. Please select a ticket for your under 7’s on the ticketing system. 

Yes, Tickets will be scanned on the gate and must be in the name of the lead booker/person attending. This person will need to show photographic ID to the gate team (Passport, Driving License or similar ID is accepted)


No, entrance tickets are to be purchased separately from the camping/motorhome/caravan tickets. There will be no admission to the festival without the correct wristband, for camping/motorhomes/campervans & caravans this will be a weekend ticket or celebrity weekend ticket. Please make sure you select the correct amount of tickets for the people attending.

Yes, of course you can. Please contact our team via email at tickets@yorkshiredalesfoodanddrinkfestival.com or  give them a call on 01756 796015  they will be happy to help.

After the 1st May we can no longer make any amends or add tickets your order. More tickets can be purchased via the website as a separate order.

If this is for a extra weekend ticket, Please contact the team via email at tickets@yorkshiredalesfoodanddrinkfestival.com, should you need any more day tickets these can be purchased as a separate order on the website.

For our FULL terms and conditions please see our Ticket Terms & Conditions on our Tickets Page here




You can only purchase a weekend ticket if you are staying on site. Friday 19th of July is exclusively for customers staying on site. You will not be able to purchase Friday tickets separately.

Anybody with an on-site pitch ticket must arrive on Friday 19th July 2024, anytime between 9am-8pm.

We have limited the purchase of camping tickets to 1 vehicle per order to help with our booking in system and to keep everything running smoothly on site. The person who books the tickets will be the lead name on the booking and the team will check this on arrival. Every vehicle must have their wristbands and tickets for them to check in and be guided to the correct area for camping/caravanning etc.

Large groups will need to book each family/vehicle of attendees separately to avoid delays during the check in process, such as if one vehicle arrives late and another vehicle has their tickets and has already checked in.

The number of camping, caravan, camper van or motorhome tickets are limited to one per order. Large groups should book their orders separately and there is a maximum of 6 people per pitch / unit.


See more in our terms and conditions :


Running a ticket agency costs money – the costs of premises, IT, staff, communication, etc, have to be covered – and, in addition, agents provide a service to their customers which has value. Ticket agents are also commercial enterprises, which often have the interests of shareholders to consider. A fee, often calculated as a percentage of the price of each ticket, is therefore added by agents on top of a ticket’s face value to cover both their costs of sale and as a charge for the service provided.

Workshops haven’t yet been announced, but don’t worry when they are available we will send you an email to let you know. 

Of course! Dogs are allowed access all areas, including the big top theatre kitchen. We just ask that they are kept on a short lead and waste bins will be available for your use.

Please purchase a free dog ticket for each dog you would like to bring with you.

Your allocated Gate will be on the rearview mirror hanger and relevant ticket which will be sent to you in the post prior to the event.


GATE A is for day tickets The main car park, Gold Camping, Taxi morning drop-off.

GATE C is for exhibitors, musicians, chefs, deliveries & taxi night time pick-up

GATE D is for Silver Camping, Campervans, Motorhomes & Caravans.

GATE E is for Bronze Camping, Campervans, Motorhome & Caravans.

Sit back and enjoy an intimate cookery demonstration by our Celebrity Chefs. These ticket types are available on both event days.

Tickets can not be purchased on the day, they must be purchased prior to the event.


No, only cars can park in the main car parks. We have Motorhomes, Caravan and Campervan Tickets which are sold separately.

The main Festival is open from 2pm until 10:45pm on Friday, only those staying onsite can attend the event on the Friday.

The main event times are 9am until 7-30pm on Saturday 20th July 2024 and 9am until 7-30pm on Sunday 21st July 2024 although you are welcome to stay for evening music  entertainment until 10:45pm each day. Please note that we close part of the festival field off from 7-30pm.

Music, Bars & Street Food traders will close down at 10:45pm in the main stage area.

Please read the Ticket Type section carefully which accompanies each ticket type on the ticket system.

We advise that you read our ticket terms and conditions before purchasing any tickets to our festival.

No, there is no cash withdrawal facilities at the festival.

No, all products on site can be purchased with cash or cards, if the Exhibitor takes them.

There are several seating areas around the Festival venue, these are clearly marked on the map. Please note that only food and drink purchased at the Festival may be consumed in these areas. You are also welcome to bring your own chairs into the event field.

Yes, several of our Exhibitors offer a range of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Food. These will be highlighted in our event magazine.


We advise that you speak to the individual traders to ask for their Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options.

There are lots of benefits for our campers! You can enjoy the whole festival experience, take part in our alcohol masterclasses and enjoy the bars without the cost of a taxi, you can enjoy the music until late and walk back to your pitch when ready. Plus campers get Friday included in their weekend ticket!


There’s also no rush to leave on Sunday! You can leave stay on site until midday on Monday.

Don’t worry, can just purchase a FREE dog ticket through the exact same way you processed your original tickets.

Please note this will be send via an E-ticket 

Don’t worry, can just purchase a FREE 0-7 Childs ticket through the exact same way you processed your original tickets.

Please note this will be send via an E-ticket 

Yes, no problem you can just purchase a parking pass either for the weekend or a Saturday or Sunday day the exact same way you processed your original tickets.

Please note you will be charged £3.50 for postage as we will need to send out your car hook. 

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